About Erasmus+ (ENG)

Erasmus+ is an initiative of the European Union that provides students, teachers, staff of educational institutions, and youth organizations with numerous educational and developmental opportunities.

Erasmus+ is one of the most popular student exchange programs globally. Its main objective is to promote mobility among young people, support inter-institutional cooperation, and develop intercultural skills. The program not only offers the opportunity to study abroad but also includes professional internships, volunteering, teacher training, and international cooperation projects.

Students who decide to participate in the Erasmus+ program have the chance to spend a period of study at one of the program's partner universities abroad. This allows them to broaden their academic horizons, gain new experiences, and establish connections with individuals who share similar interests from different countries. It often serves as an opportunity to improve foreign language skills and learn about other cultures.

Professional internships within the Erasmus+ framework enable students to gain valuable work experience in foreign companies and organizations. Such experience can contribute to increasing their chances of finding employment after completing their studies and developing soft skills, such as intercultural communication and teamwork.

The Erasmus+ program is not limited to students. Teachers and staff of educational institutions can also benefit from international mobility by participating in training, professional development courses, and exchanges. This inter-institutional cooperation contributes to mutual learning, sharing best practices, and the development of professional competencies.

Erasmus+ is also a program aimed at youth organizations, allowing them to implement international projects such as volunteering, youth exchanges, projects related to European citizenship, providing young people with the opportunity to actively participate in social life and acquire new skills.

The Erasmus+ program contributes to building a stronger, more united Europe, where young people have the opportunity to grow and gain experience in an international environment. Through mobility, cooperation, and openness to other cultures, this program influences the growth of tolerance, understanding, and dialogue between nations."alling all teachers and school staff!

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